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Marketing Presentation From June 30 Meeting

We will be applying all of these things as a group, but each of us should consider applying them in our personal marketing plans as well.  Much more was discussed with regard to these slides, and I'll try to get some of that on this post within a few weeks.

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September 8 Meeting

We had a good meeting, shared great info from our Critiques. Natalie's critique was a real blessing!News From The Meeting1. Critiques: To avoid assigning people who may not want to participate, I'll be sending an email asking people to sign up for critiques if they are interested in receiving feedback from another Word Addict.
2. Assignment: Jenna and Cortney have decided on a group messaging system that will meet all our needs. They will present it to us at our next meeting.
3. Assignment: We'll make sure our logo is maintained across platforms so people can identify our group from among other pages with similar names.
4. Word Addicts Marketing: Amy J, Amy S and Cortney will be asked to discuss what kinds of books we will and will not officially market under our logo and accounts. Language, sexual content, political, religious, etc...should all be part of the discussion.

Meeting To Discuss Expansion To Non-local Members

We held a special meeting tonight due to the fact that several non-local writers have expressed interest in joining Word Addicts. Word Addicts was formed in 2015 when Allison Brown asked a few friends to get together and talk about writing.  Two years later we released our first anthology, and we continued to meet monthly. We released a second anthology in 2018.  In late 2019 and early 2020 we reorganized, took on the name Word Addicts, created a website and blog, began a social media campaign. Until now we've been a local group living within a few miles of each other. Tonight we held a meeting to address how we might expand as a group. We are excited to expand this way. We want to partner with writers everywhere and learn from them, benefit from their knowledge and talents, and enjoy our mutual support.  What do we currently offer members:Opportunities to give and receive feedback on writing.Once-monthly video conferences to discuss writing, receive training, etc...Opportunities …

August 11, 2020 Meeting Notes

August 11, 2020
6:30 PM Google Meet

1. Welcome 2. Last meeting minutes 3. Wrap-up of first week sales, and where to go from here. Open the post: 4. What's next for Word Addicts? The discussion resulted in the following decisions:For our regular, ongoing, monthly meetings we are going to write and critique. We came up with a basic structure for how this will work.  We'll see how it goes. On a rotating schedule, we will take turns partnering with other team members. James will create the schedule and put it on the bulletins blog.These pairs will share portions of their current writing projects with each other.  They will edit each other and provide positive and constructive feedback. Writers will consider the edit recommendations of their teammate.At the next meeting, each pair will report on what they learned. I would like concrete things, such as, "I realize I use the word 'the' way too much,&qu…

First Week Wrap-up - Miscellany

In our first week we sold 52 copies of the eBook and 8 copies of the paperback.  I am only including eBook sales in this report, as this is the version we're marketing at the moment.During this week, we reached as high as #52 on the American Anthologies Bestseller chart, which is pretty darn good. There are a surprising number of these books, in the thousands.  So #52? I'll take it.Of the copies sold:12 were copies redeemed by pre-readers, and were given for free.5 were copies that I gave away for free to 3 family members and 2 other friends.I assume the remaining 35 copies were legitimate sales.Consider The FollowingI don't know what personal efforts were made, but I looked at everyone's social media accounts and made an effort to figure out what goes into selling 35 copies of our book.  Here's what I found:
8 posts on personal Facebook pages.
2 active on Twitter with 4 different accounts, including the Word Addicts Twitter account. Several retweets and a few origin…

July 14 Meeting

July 14, 2020
6:30 p.m.
Google Meet 

1. Welcome
2. Review of meeting minutes from June 30
3. Status of book files

Proofs are ordered. Should be in by Thursday. After any necessary fixes are made, we will upload them, and create the ebook file.
4. Contracts -

Both contracts discussed at the last meeting are drafted.  Allison is looking them over.  
5. Keeping The Mission In Mind

James gave a short presentation on the Strategic Plan, a business plan for not-for-profit groups. He suggests after the book launch, as we resume our regular monthly meetings, that we spend at least a little time building short and medium-term goals, always aligned with our mission and values.
6. Launch Talk
We did not talk much on this topic.  James asked each person present (Amy S, Amy J, Ray, Jenna) how they plan to get books moving. Each person shared.All other coordination for getting books sold will occur over the next two weeks on Messenger.

June 30 Meeting

June 30, 2020
6:30 p.m.
Google Meet

1. Welcome
2. Review of meeting minutes from June 16
3. Contracts: Boring publishing stuff
The contract between Word Addicts, represented by Allison, and Anderson Publishing:
Paperback, ebook, and possibly other media.Contract may be amended by email communication between Word Addicts and Anderson Publishing. James Mitchell will represent Anderson Publishing and ___________ shall represent Word Addicts.If any writer has infringed on copyright law with regard to the Work, Anderson Publishing will seek legal guidance, which may result in litigation against said Author.Because the Publisher, Anderson Publishing LLC, is earning no money per this agreement, the Publisher bears no legal responsibility beyond creating and maintaining publishing files and paying out royalties.Publisher maintains publishing rights to the stories for 12 months.Copyright does not belong to the publisher.After the 12 month period has ended, any writer or t…