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Submission Guidelines

Want to be represented on Words Addicts’ blog, in our compilations or a book launch? Here is a general list of the do’s and don'ts. Word Addicts retains the right to accept or reject work submitted if we feel it doesn’t fit the requirements.

PG-13* rating on the cusses. But unlike movies, we will not accept the F-word. Taking the Lord’s name in vain—using the words “God” or “Jesus Christ” as a vulgarity or exclamatory— is not acceptable. If more than four curses are used in the story, it must be pre approved by a member of Word Addicts Admin.

Sexual Content
PG rating. No explicit detailing of sexual acts, characteristics of either gender’s bodies in relation to sexual desire, etc. ..Kissing, hugging, even a little passion is approved if used appropriately. If you have questions about your story’s content, ask a member of Word Addicts Admin.

Word Addicts will not accept any submissions extolling the virtues or lack of virtues on any political spectrum. Characters within the story may express their like/dislike and story may involve politicized characters but the narrator/author cannot express personal opinion.

No proselytizing for or against any particular religion. If a character’s beliefs need detailing, that is fine as long as it isn’t trying to compel the reader to believe one way or another. No narrator/author ‘bashing’ of other religions/belief systems whatsoever.

PG-13. Explicit detailing of torture, sexual assault, or gruesome murder is unnaceptable. Gun violence mustn’t be glorified. Sadism, sociopathic behavior, and violent mental illness is not to be glorified. The presence of blood must be limited. If you have a question about your content, please ask a Word Addicts Admin.

*PG-13 is a movie rating given by the MPAA in the United States

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