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April 13 Meeting

 I am kind of doing the walk of shame with this email - I completely forgot to send it after the meeting! But it was really great and we missed all those who couldn’t make it. Here’s a quick recap of the meeting:

James read a poem and it was wonderful. Lawrence gave us a lesson on writing as it pertains to a visual piece of art and what to think about as you create art. And we went over everyone’s goals. Also, we met Zoe for the first time - welcome Zoe!

For next month Ray and Natalie are going to share something with us as it pertains to their monthly goal and we can’t wait for them to share it with us! Natalie is bringing a Demi board and Ray is bringing a cover art for us to see. James has accepted the assignment of teaching the group in May. 

Monthly goals: 

Ray - bring one cover art for us to see. 
Amy J - Finish rewrite and complete a blog post
Natalie - bring a Demi board
Homer - 4 songs typed up by next month 
Marla - next short story subject
James - rough in missing chapters so have full rough draft from beginning to end. 
Bob - come up with story idea and start outline process
Zoe - 15 minutes of creative or free writing week days. 
Jenna - write that chapter 
Allison - Make a plan of action or start researching to begin making a plan of action to market her 4 books.
Amy S - Finish outline for book 2  and make a decision about rewriting the other book. 

Here are a few of my notes from Lawrence’s presentation if anyone is interested:

All creative work has design. Writing is designing.
Design can be good and bad. If you’re unaware of good design then your creation is in jeopardy and it will ineffectively say what you want to say. 
Think of writing as abstract art. Repetition vs variety
Visualize writing like a piece of art. Rhythm visualized as peaks and valleys. 
Learn powers and abilities of the elements and learn how to control them. 
Spiritual/ intangible elements (entertain/feel/move/inspire).
Has to have heart. If you’re not moved by it your reader won’t be either. 
Spiritually connect with it - do the hard/rare thing. Surrender a piece of yourself to your reader. Become vulnerable and show your true self. 
Writing is a way to get outside of ourselves. Writing is a way to relate to things outside of our self. There are tools to work with and we need to learn them. 

Our next meeting is scheduled for May 11th. I’ll send an email with the agenda and time/place when I get that info.

Take care everyone,  



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