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August 2021 Meeting

 Here are the meeting minutes and reminders from our August meeting. It was a fantastic meeting. I really loved it and I’m so thankful to those that came and contributed! It was really one of the good ones!! (Did I make those of you who couldn’t come jealous yet? - I’ll fill you in on what you missed ;) Carin started our meeting with a lesson on her experience with the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. It was very inspirational and Carin did such a wonderful job of connecting creativity with our life and our spirits and our connection to a higher power. She conveyed her feelings about how creativity is innate in us and by cultivating it and releasing it we can improve so much about ourselves and our lives. This is a very watered down version of her lesson so I hope I am doing an okay job of explaining it. I’ll send a pic of her handout below. If you are feeling blocked in someway creatively, “The Artist’s Way” has been recommended by a few group members so it is probably worth