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Marketing Presentation From June 30 Meeting

We will be applying all of these things as a group, but each of us should consider applying them in our personal marketing plans as well.  Much more was discussed with regard to these slides, and I'll try to get some of that on this post within a few weeks.

June 30 Meeting

June 30, 2020 6:30 p.m. Google Meet 1. Welcome 2. Review of meeting minutes from June 16 3. Contracts: Boring publishing stuff The contract between Word Addicts, represented by Allison, and Anderson Publishing: Paperback, ebook, and possibly other media. Contract may be amended by email communication between Word Addicts and Anderson Publishing. James Mitchell will represent Anderson Publishing and ___________ shall represent Word Addicts. If any writer has infringed on copyright law with regard to the Work, Anderson Publishing will seek legal guidance, which may result in litigation against said Author. Because the Publisher, Anderson Publishing LLC, is earning no money per this agreement, the Publisher bears no legal responsibility beyond creating and maintaining publishing files and paying out royalties. Publisher maintains publishing rights to the stories for 12 months. Copyright does not belong to the publisher. After the 12 month period has en

June 16 Meeting

June 16, 2020 6:30 p.m. Google Meet Assignments Made: (James added timeframes after the meeting) James needs to set up facebook. (ASAP) James will set up a meeting in 2 weeks to hash out the particulars. Specific assignments have to be made. (ASAP) Make a marketing plan in the form of a map. (ASAP, share with Cortney and Jenna then with the group) Everyone present needs to write one more article for the website. Several articles would be even better (July 15) James will post all articles to the website and get the website running, redirects established, etc...(July 25) Everyone send a bio and a picture (July 1) Marketing Ideas  - Cortney Newsletter, connect to the authors on the website. Any publications, anything we’ve done. Pre-release audience Create Engaging posts: Let’s say Jenna created 2 different cover arts for the book, and let the audience judge what they think. The more excitement you build before the release, the bigger the release