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August 2021 Meeting

 Here are the meeting minutes and reminders from our August meeting. It was a fantastic meeting. I really loved it and I’m so thankful to those that came and contributed! It was really one of the good ones!! (Did I make those of you who couldn’t come jealous yet? - I’ll fill you in on what you missed ;)

Carin started our meeting with a lesson on her experience with the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. It was very inspirational and Carin did such a wonderful job of connecting creativity with our life and our spirits and our connection to a higher power. She conveyed her feelings about how creativity is innate in us and by cultivating it and releasing it we can improve so much about ourselves and our lives. This is a very watered down version of her lesson so I hope I am doing an okay job of explaining it. I’ll send a pic of her handout below. If you are feeling blocked in someway creatively, “The Artist’s Way” has been recommended by a few group members so it is probably worth the read!

Next we heard three of our super short summer stories:

-Carin read an excerpt about Axe and Eve and it was thrilling and left us wanting more.
-Homer shared his lovely and very wonderfully written story about a little boy, his guitar, and a yard sale. This is the first time I’ve ever heard from Homer in this style of writing and let me tell you - IT. WAS. GREAT!!! He is definitely not getting out of being part of next year’s anthology!!!
-Ray read a super short but very deep and surprising story about the brevity of our mortality (I hope that was an okay synopsis Ray). It was one that you had to take a moment to sit with and think about. It was really great Ray!

We finished up the meeting with a Physics discussion led by Lawrence. Every part of this meeting was my favorite and the ending was no different because it was also my favorite. Lawrence did an amazing job of talking about the Electromagnetic spectrum which led to a discussion about the properties of light, the different frequencies on the spectrum, and what’s beyond cosmic rays. This is some seriously deep physics stuff but actually leads back to some pretty simple concepts. I personally LOVE physics and how it ties into parts of our life that are seemingly opposite of the “physical” world. Some recommended reads that correlated with this discussion are:

The Dancing Wu Li Masters
The Hidden Messages in Water
Secret Life of Water (and plants)
Whatever Google can tell you about the ‘Double-slit experiment’

Super interesting fun stuff you guys! Thank you again for all your efforts in helping this group learn more and grow more!

Have a great day!


PS - Reminder that we are reading the rest of the super short summer stories at the September meeting (September 14th, 7pm, Ft. Green basement Library). So don’t forget to bring something to share with the group! And Ray will be teaching! (Prepping for October a little early since it’s a crazy time for me. So who would like to teach? Natalie? Homer? Amy S? Allison? Courtney? Zoe?)


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