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February 9, 2021 Meeting

(Copied from Jenna Madsen's email sent on February 10)  Hey Writing Group Friends! Last night’s meeting was really great and I just wanted to thank everyone who came and contributed. Hopefully we all left knowing that we have a team of people cheering us on and supporting us through our writing endeavors! Heres a quick recap to remind us all what happened and to inform anyone who wasn’t able to attend: Meeting attendees: Ray, Amy J, Natalie, Lawrence, Homer, Marla and Jenna Date/Time: Feb 9, 7:05-8:05 (we might need to start a titch earlier next time so we can end by 7:50) Place: Sheps Grill -Short recap of January meeting and Anthology deadlines (see James’ previous email for those) -We talked about we’re working on right now and what our individual writing goals are for 2021 (it was great!): Ray: He has 4 novels written (yay!) so we challenged him to start the publishing process on just one! We’ll check in next month to see what steps he's taken ;) Amy: She has a good start o