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November 2019

7:00 p.m. Place: James's house. 137 N State, Fountain Green 1. Welcome When are trade shows we can go to? 2. Group Name for Website And Publication Check availability of web address Mysterious, Whacky, Deviant, Writer's Studio, Academy,  Everyone will come up with ideas. James will gather names of famous anthologies and send them out. 3. Delegation of Work Managing Editor (Project Manager) Marla was assigned to this . Coordinating/enforcing deadlines for all writing projects Makes sure that each step is followed: Rough draft submission, edits, final submission, format, cover, publication. Public Relations Person  Event coordination and Advertising Jenna and Cortney will copartner on this . What else?  Ray is secretary 4. Our next book: Any genre, but must include elements of humor. It doesn't have to be fluffy humor where everything is sunshine and rainbows from beginning to end. We'll shoot for 5,000 words each. But it could go lo