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September 2021 Meeting

September 14, 2021

Ray, Homer and Marla enjoy a pleasant evening during our September meetup.


•The meeting was held on James’ birthday in his adorable backyard and it was a lovely night. Great food, great ambiance, great people.  I’ll post pics at the end of the email ;)

•James gave us a rundown of the online stuff. We have about 60 Word Addicts members total and 120 email subscribers. 

We have 2,000 Twitter followers, 80 Instagram Followers (better than 10 I guess haha!), and 600+ Facebook followers/friends. 

•A huge benefit for members is the online presence and promotion that we offer as a group. The requirements to receive these benefits are as follows:

-Be local member 

-Write for the blog once a year 

-Contribute in some way to the yearly anthology 

•To get a book promoted (3 social media posts and an email), authors have to write a short article on a very narrow topic.

We’ve thrown around the idea of doing a series of social media posts featuring short stories or the beginning of a story and then linking to purchase the book. We can start with stories written in previous anthologies, but I’d love it if you guys would send me a recent short story you’ve written. I think it could be so fun and engaging!

We also talked about having our next anthology hold  longer stories and the ebook version would end each story with a link to more stories by that author. Something to think about. 

Homer and I then read our summer short stories. Homer’s was fabulous with some surprising turns and great detail! 

Ray ended the meeting with a really great lesson about how stories and chapters begin and end, and also how it physically looks to the reader on the page. It was a super great lesson and he had a handout that I will post below. 

Did I forget anything? If you were at the meeting and you can think of something I forgot, please let me know! 

K I think that’s everything. If there are no objections, I will see everyone on Tuesday the 19th at 7pm at either the FG library or possibly my living room. I’ll let you know when I know!



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