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June 30 Meeting

June 30, 2020
6:30 p.m.
Google Meet

1. Welcome
2. Review of meeting minutes from June 16
3. Contracts: Boring publishing stuff
The contract between Word Addicts, represented by Allison, and Anderson Publishing:
  • Paperback, ebook, and possibly other media.
  • Contract may be amended by email communication between Word Addicts and Anderson Publishing. James Mitchell will represent Anderson Publishing and ___________ shall represent Word Addicts.
  • If any writer has infringed on copyright law with regard to the Work, Anderson Publishing will seek legal guidance, which may result in litigation against said Author.
  • Because the Publisher, Anderson Publishing LLC, is earning no money per this agreement, the Publisher bears no legal responsibility beyond creating and maintaining publishing files and paying out royalties.
  • Publisher maintains publishing rights to the stories for 12 months.
  • Copyright does not belong to the publisher.
  • After the 12 month period has ended, any writer or the publisher can withdraw from this agreement with 30 days notice. At the end of that period, all publishing rights return to the individual authors, for their individual Works
  • Word Addicts will be paid on net receipts.
  • Net receipts is defined as the money left over after printing costs, fulfillment/delivery costs, and the charges of third party vendors (such as Kindle).
  • Word Addicts shall decide how, how much, and when to pay royalties to authors.
  • Word Addicts may purchase copies of the book at the cost of printing and delivery.
  • Royalties are paid quarterly in January, April, July and October. Royalties have a 6 month delay.
  • Example: The royalty paid to my authors in July is actually from January, February and March earnings.
  • This is because people return books sometimes, and the royalty may change. Furthermore Kindle Unlimited often pays out a little late.
All present agreed to these terms.  James (Anderson Publishing) will create the contract and send it to Allison.

4. Proposal: Word Addicts publishing agreement:

This is between each member of the group and the group itself.  Allison represents the group when it comes to signatures, etc...
  • A representative from Word Addicts shall act on behalf of the group with regard to the publishing of this book, the running of promotions, changing cover or interior files, etc.... Nominate Someone.
  • James Mitchell should not represent both Word Addicts AND the Publisher in these transactions.
  • Author royalties: Each writer shall receive 10% of the royalties paid. The remaining 30% shall be held in a group fund.
  • I propose a small mark-up on individual copies, and that those receipts be held in the group fund.
  • Example: Let's say a copy of the book costs $3.29 plus shipping. We may choose to charge an extra 75 cents per copy when individual group members buy paperback copies. That 75 cents goes into the group fund. Perhaps round up.
  • There are a lot of productive things we could do with group funds, but we'll decide that later.
All present agreed. Allison will work on this contract.

5. Launch Plan: Presented by Cortney and Jenna

(Jenna Sent the Slideshow, and I will embed it into a separate post)
  • Jenna - First slide
    • talked about readers and writers. Do we gear things toward readers or writers? We have two different audiences.
    • Blog post, short stories, engaging posts, etc...
    • Personal sales or blog pages. 
    • Attracting readers is going to be more captivatin
  • Jenna Second Slide:
    • Instagram MF
    • Pinterest: MF
    • Twitter: MWF
    • Facebook: MWF
  • Jenna - 3rd slide: 
    • Newsletter could be a post
    • Blog posts could be a post first and third mondays on these first two.
    • 2nd and 4th Mondays; Monday motivation, shorter and easier.
    • Wednesday: Poll, question, anything to keep our presence going, 
    • Fridays: Fiction Fridays: New short stories, new facts about fiction, factoids, 
    • Other: 
  • Engagement vs. Presence Posts
    • Emails and newsletters: Layout consistency and content consistency. 
    • Make sure on social media there's a picture and a hook. 
  • It's okay to share creative work as long as you give them credit. 
    • Mutual mentions between content creators is awesome.
  • Use these same strategies in personal accounts.
  • Cortney will take over the blog. 
    • If someone will not follow through.
  • Cortney Twitter: 
    • Personal experiment: Posting an engaging post that would benefit our blog.
      • I'm looking to buy and review an author.
      • Section on our website dedicated to book reviews.
        • It doesn't have to be its own tab or on the sidebar. 
      • Section to "submit your work" 
  • James: Facebook
***James, Jenna and Cortney will be coordinating to link up Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Next Steps:

James will add to our work document (if needed) for this next phase.

We need to create a new cover file. James and Jenna will coordinate on this.

Proofs: James will create the files by July 7 and order proofs. Proofs should, we hope, arrive within 2 to 2.5 weeks. I'll make sure the book looks pretty, make any final adjustments, and the book itself will be ready to launch. This is James acting as Publisher. I will communicate directly with the Word Addict representing the group for this book. 


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