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November 2019

7:00 p.m.

Place: James's house. 137 N State, Fountain Green

1. Welcome
When are trade shows we can go to?

2. Group Name for Website And Publication

  • Check availability of web address
    • Mysterious, Whacky, Deviant, Writer's Studio, Academy, 
    • Everyone will come up with ideas.
    • James will gather names of famous anthologies and send them out.
3. Delegation of Work
  • Managing Editor (Project Manager)
  • Marla was assigned to this.
    • Coordinating/enforcing deadlines for all writing projects
    • Makes sure that each step is followed: Rough draft submission, edits, final submission, format, cover, publication.
  • Public Relations Person 
    • Event coordination and Advertising
    • Jenna and Cortney will copartner on this.
  • What else? Ray is secretary
4. Our next book: Any genre, but must include elements of humor. It doesn't have to be fluffy humor where everything is sunshine and rainbows from beginning to end.
    • We'll shoot for 5,000 words each. But it could go longer.
    • Elements of humor.
    • July 31 launch date
    • Final drafts due July 1
    • May 1, Second Drafts
    • March meeting, everyone will have rough drafts.  And we'll give synopses of the stories we've written.
  • Timeframes: Let's build a project management flowchart.
  • Talk Marketing.
5. Presentation: Passive Tense
6. Assign next month's presentation: Not James
7.Writers Toolkit Exercise, if time permits
8. Roundtable


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